BOSTES agrees to back-pay HSC markers

BOSTES is to make top-up payments to some HSC markers.

In the Industrial Relations Commission on March 3, BOSTES conceded to Federation’s arguments on the correct rates of pay to Higher School Certificate markers of some courses marked on-screen externally since 2009, including English (Standard and Advanced) Paper 1.

Federation and the Independent Education Union filed dispute notices on November 3, 2015, over the correct rates of pay under the HSC Markers Award.

After a number of conciliation conferences and further discussions, the dispute came before Commissioner Newall on March 3.

BOSTES reported it now accepts the unions’ interpretation of Award clause 15.2.7 for calculation of rates of pay to on-screen external markers and it was satisfied that payment of the outstanding amount to underpaid markers would not breach the statutory cap on increases in employee remuneration under the public sector wages policy.

For courses marked on-screen externally, BOSTES has agreed to make a top-up payment by April 8, 2016 to markers of: 

  • English (Standard and Advanced) Paper 1 Questions 1, 2 and 3 for 2015, being $1.953 extra per script, in recognition of the correct amount of pay per script being $6.009 per script rather than $4.056
  • Drama Written, ESL Paper 1, ESL Paper 3, Music 1, Music 2, Society and Culture Written, CCAFL Languages, Modern Hebrew Continuers and Vietnamese Continuers for 2015
  • courses marked since 2009 where the duration of the paper and the total marks possible are not proportional to three hours for 100 marks. This includes English (Standard and Advanced) Paper 1 Question 1 in 2014 and ESL.

BOSTES also informed Commissioner Newall that it will apply the unions’ interpretation when calculating rates of pay per script for the 2016 marking operation and will publish rates of pay for specific questions marked externally on-screen by the end of March each year.

Mathematics markers are not included in this settlement because their rates of pay per question have been specified in a schedule of the award and were not in dispute.

All members who may have marked Higher School Certificate courses described above from 2009 onwards are encouraged to confirm the currency of their banking details registered with BOSTES through Markers Online to ensure they receive their due back-pay.

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