New report shows Gonski is long term investment

A new report revealing the effects of inequality in our education system demonstrates why it is essential that the federal government fund the final two years of the Gonski model, Federation President Maurie Mulheron said today.

The Australian Schooling – The Price of Failure and Reward for Success report by economist Adam Rorris found weaker-performing students are over-represented among the children of unemployed people, those in Indigenous communities and children whose parents are tradespeople or who work in office, sales or service occupations.

The report, commissioned by the Australian Education Union, found giving all children the basic skills needed for work would save $60 billion in unemployment benefits and produce an additional $12 billion in tax revenues by 2070.

"The Turnbull government cannot keep ignoring the evidence that the additional Gonski funding is an investment in our nation’s future rather than a cost," Mr Mulheron said.

“For years Australia directed schools funding to an advantaged minority and failed to provide resources to the schools most in need. This led to a fall in achievement levels, such as a decline in the proportion of high-performing students in mathematical literacy, and resulted in an increase in the proportion of low-performing students.

“In contrast, the much fairer Gonski funding model is starting to reverse this. It is needs-based and is already making a difference. We need that to continue."

Mr Mulheron said teachers and parents should urge the Prime Minister to think of the future and invest in education in next week’s Budget and in the forthcoming federal election campaign.

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