Days to acknowledge Australia's past and future

Days to ack

May 26 is National Sorry Day, commemorating and remembering the mistreatment of the Indigenous population throughout Australia’s history, particularly the Stolen Generations who were removed from their families, often forcibly.

It also comes at the start of National Reconciliation Week, which commences on May 27, celebrating the date of the 1967 referendum in which a large majority of Australian’s voted in favour of including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian census.

These two events provide a valuable opportunity to raise conversations with students, colleagues, family and friends about our shared history and the future we are working to build together.

For resources and information on National Reconciliation Week, view the resources pack from the NSW Reconciliation Council.

Federation has a proud history of campaigning for the rights of Indigenous people in Australia, and is currently campaigning for the Gonski school funding model, knowing that with equitable funding students from Indigenous communities will receive greater support to meet their needs through public education. 

The NSW Aboriginal Education Committee recently expressed serious concerns over the impact that cutting needs based funding would have on Indigenous communities, writing: ‘Considering the Gonski funding only began in 2014 the NSW AECG Inc views the Turnbull government’s statements as both premature and illustrating little to no recognition of the educational outcomes that have already been achieved as a result of the RAM/Gonski funding’ 

For further information about Federation’s Aboriginal Education policies, download the action plan kit –Aboriginal Education – 25 Year Approach: The Way Forward

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