IRC to meet as protests intensify over gaol education blow

Gaol protests

Corrective Services TA members are holding protest meetings ahead of the Industrial Relations Commission’s hearing tomorrow (July 12) into the planned wholesale removal of quality public education for NSW prisons are asking Federation members for support.

CSTA members have been holding protest meeting outside gaols such as Long Bay, Lithgow, Cessnock, Kempsey, Emu Plains, Windsor, Silverwater, Bathurst and Wellington.

Federation is lobbying the Minister for Corrections David Elliot and state MPs against the shock announcement in May that 138 of 158 adult educators in NSW gaols are to be sacked.

Corrective Services NSW is proposing to replace qualified experienced senior education officers and education officers with clerks, with a subsequent pay cut. The proposal will see the remaining teachers replaced by trainers. Recognised teaching qualifications will no longer be required within state gaols.

Federation immediately lodged a dispute over the new clerical roles and the adverse effects of the move to prison education, which is a critical factor in reducing recidivism. The IRC is to meet tomorrow to hear the matter.

The Baird government’s decision to contract out prison education services will cost jobs and leave prisoners unable to access the broad adult education curriculum.


Please support the campaign by

  1. Sending this email to Minister David Elliott calling for a stop to the cuts
  2. Distribute this petition seeking signatures demanding that the Baird government immediately stop any plans to sack NSW gaol adult educators.
  3. Pass resolutions of support for our colleagues in CSTA at local TA meetings.
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