Marriage equality rally

Saturday marked the 12th anniversary of the government's decision to exclude same sex attracted and transgender Australians from the Marriage Act, and to mark the occasion a rally was held at Sydney Town Hall to champion the issue of marriage equality. A number of Federation members and Officers participated in the event.

Speakers included Federation member Tim Blackman, students from a local high school as well as members of parliament from the Greens and Labor, gay rights activists and Amnesty International.

Both the students, and teacher Mr Blackman, spoke about the need for a more inclusive and accepting school environment, which can be achieved through education and understanding. Safe Schools was highlighted as a program that can assist in developing understanding around gender diversity and same sex attraction, and assist in creating and more inclusive school community.

Other speakers called on the government to deliver marriage equality without a plebiscite, in the same manner in which the Act was made to exclude LGBTIQ people – through an act of parliament.

Members of the crowd were encouraged to talk to their friends, families and colleagues about the issue of marriage equality, and why it is important in terms of equality and recognition of relationships. The aim is to generate positive discussion about the issue, and make it known to others outside of the LGBTIQ community that they know someone who is personally affected by such unfair treatment.

The crowd was also congratulated on their ongoing support in the fight for marriage equality, and informed that continued action will create the change sought.

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