Schools in NSW set to celebrate Wear It Purple Day on Friday

Public schools across NSW will be celebrating Wear It Purple Day tomorrow to communicate to rainbow young people, and LGBTIQ people in the school community, that they are welcome and an integral part of the community.

Wear It Purple, the student lead organisation behind the campaign, invites everyone to wear purple on Friday August 26 to show young people that they are respected and supported, and that, irrespective of their sexuality and gender identity, they have the right to be proud of who they are.

Wear it Purple recognises that there are many young people that may not have sufficient support in their surrounding environments and believes it is crucial that isolated or at risk young people know that such support exists. Wear it Purple highlights that respect is an integral element to the formation of healthy relationships between individuals, especially in the formative years of identity development.

Wear it Purple’s Operations Officer, Naomi Graham, said, “Wear it Purple seeks to empower young people to be proud of who they are. Putting any personal opinion aside, at the heart of this is respect; a universal notion.”

Last year, 193 schools, across all sectors, registered their celebrations. Activities ranged from mufti day, where students and staff wore purple, through to purple bake sales, student messages of support, and guest speakers linking to curriculum areas relating to diversity, respect and relationships.

This year schools will show their support of rainbow young people and their families in similar ways in the spirit of reinforcing the core values of public education and in line with NSW Department of Education's policies that encourage the celebration of diversity and promotes action to address homophobia and other forms of harassment and discrimination.

Schools will choose age-appropriate activities that will create teaching and learning environments that enable the development of healthy, happy, successful and productive individuals, regardless of their gender identity or sexuality or those of their families and friends.

The Federation looks forward to celebrating Wear It Purple alongside schools across the state, and encourages other schools and workplaces to become involved.

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