Coalition policy, not Gonski model, is 'corrupt'

"The federal government has a long history of being furtive, elitist and deceitful in relation to its school funding policies and federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham continues in that tradition with his statements today," NSW Teachers Federation Acting Deputy President Denis Fitzgerald said.

This morning the Federal Minister tweeted: "We need a model that distributes schools funding according to need, not according to Labor's corruption of #gonski".

Mr Fitzgerald said the facts are the federal government wants to abolish Gonski and intends to rip $100 million annually out of NSW schools.

"This will impact especially on students and communities most in educational need," he said.

"It floats a scheme where private schools would enjoy real funding increases whilst needy public schools would be compelled to dismantle successful Gonski-backed programs.

"Any 'corruption' that exists dwells in the heart of the Federal Government's policy: that they could launch such an attack on children most in need."

Minister Birmingham is meeting state and territory education ministers tomorrow to begin negotiations for a new funding deal for beyond 2017.

The Turnbull government does not want to continue full Gonski needs-based funding beyond 2017 — a move that will leave schools $3.9 billion worse off in 2018 and 2019.

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