States rip into Commonwealth over its plans to rip up signed Gonski deals

State governments have howled down the federal government today over its intentions to renege on signed schools funding deals and implement a different plan beyond 2017.

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham will meet with state and territory education ministers tomorrow. His government does not want to continue full Gonski needs-based funding beyond 2017 — a move that will leave schools across Australia $3.9 billion worse off in 2018 and 2019.

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli told ABC 702 presenter Robbie Buck this morning: "What the Commonwealth wants to do is renegotiate the existing agreement. So, they've said we're not going to fund the fifth and sixth years — we still argue about that — but worse than that they want to redistribute the existing amount of funding between the states different to what we've signed up to and that would cost NSW public schools — public schools only — about $100 million a year. What offends me about this is they want to redistribute it, but the only schools they want to take the money from are public schools."

Victoria's acting education minister Jenny Mikakos said in a media release: "Victorian students will be almost $1 billion a year worse off because of the Turnbull Government’s decision to walk away from funding the final years of the Gonski agreement." To view the Victorian Government's media release click here.

Queensland Acting Premier and Education Minister Curtis Pitt: “Senator Birmingham’s threats to cut education funding will disadvantage our students and Queenslanders will not cop it.” To view the Queensland Government's media statement click here.

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