Marriage equality rally

On Saturday October 8, supporters of marriage equality will rally to demonstrate their support of same sex marriage and put pressure on politicians to establish equal access under the law to marriage.

The rally is being organised by Community Action Against Homophobia (CAAH) to call for the marriage equality bills already lodged in the lower house to be put to a vote.

Federation supports the rally that will be held at 1pm on October 8 at Town Hall, Sydney, and is in favour of seeing marriage equality legalised in Australia. This would lead to a fairer country for all and the fulfilment of our national values of equality and inclusion. It will also result in better health outcomes for Australians who are same sex-attracted due to the removal of stigmatising laws, and the prevention of a hurtful public debate on the matter.

Federation is opposed to the Coalition’s policy to hold a costly plebiscite over choosing to introduce a private members bill that would result in a timely change to the Marriage Act. The Coalition’s plans to hold a plebiscite early next year, breaking an election promise, will cause unnecessary and significant financial and emotional costs.

Federation encourages members to attend the rally.

When: 1pm on Saturday October 8
Where: Town Hall, George Street, Sydney

Further information can be found on the event’s Facebook page at

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