2017 Gonski funding welcomed by teaching profession

Educators across NSW welcome the NSW Government’s announcement of the additional resources for schools as part of the next phase of the Gonski funding agreement.

The needs-based Gonski model is designed to ensure that all schools by the end of 2019 reach the schools resource standard established by the Gonski Review.

“The NSW Government continues to honour its commitment and the signed Agreement with the Commonwealth but the additional resourcing is under threat by the Turnbull Government’s refusal to commit to or fund the model past 2017. This uncertainty in schools funding caused by the Federal Government is unacceptable,” said Federation President, Maurie Mulheron.

The six year funding model, which began in 2014, increases funding gradually in the first four years. This year, 2016, has seen 18 per cent of the Gonski funding allocated to schools. By the end of 2017, the Gonski allocation will increase to 36 per cent.

The Federal Government is refusing to commit to its share for the final two years when the bulk of the money is due.

“The NSW Teachers Federation will continue to campaign in communities across NSW for the full Gonski model.”

“All children in this nation deserve a fair go. The Turnbull Government would be foolish to underestimate the commitment of the teaching profession to continue the schools funding campaign for as long as it takes; to the COAG meeting next year, and through to the next Federal election if necessary,” said Mr Mulheron. “Any Government that will not commit to all our children and their future does not deserve to remain in office.”

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