Join the marriage equality rally on November 26

A rally for marriage equality at Sydney Town Hall on Saturday November 26 will demand that parliament debate the private members bill to change marriage laws to include same-sex partners.

The message of the rally is that we elect and pay politicians to represent us and make laws, and the overwhelming public support for marriage equality should be reflected in the country’s laws without delay

Previous rallies have sought to pressure the government for a cross-party, free conscience vote.

Polls show 72 per cent of Australians support marriage equality (Crosby Textor 2014) and it is known that a large number of politicians in both major parties also support marriage equality.

The Coalition does not, however, allow a free vote on marriage equality and has not allowed the private members bill on the matter to be debated. Therefore, should the private members bill be debated, front-bench members of the Coalition must vote against marriage equality, even though this is against the wishes of the majority of Australians, and, for many politicians, against their own conscience.

Federation’s policy stance on this issue is that LGBTIQ people should not face discrimination over their sex, sexuality or gender identity and therefore that marriage equality should be supported.

Federation will have a contingent of members attending the rally, and encourages others to join the demonstration. Event details are below:

When: 1pm on Saturday November 26
Where: Sydney Town Hall, George Street, Sydney

Further information can be found on the event’s Facebook page at

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