Alignment of casual teacher pay periods

For many years casual teachers were paid on the alternate week to their temporary and permanent colleagues. From January, 2017 pay cycles for casual teachers will align with those of temporary and permanent teachers. This will result in a change to the pay cycle and pay day for casual teachers from the first pay period of 2017.

The following will apply to casual teachers from January 2017 when the new pay cycle begins:

  • From January 2017 pay periods will end on a Thursday and all approved claims will need to be submitted by close of business Friday,
  • If claims are submitted on time casual teachers will be paid the following Thursday - some teachers may receive their pay on Wednesday depending on their financial institutions, and
  • Late claims submissions (after close of business Friday and onwards) will not be guaranteed to make the normal pay run and this could affect the date the teacher is paid.

If  casual teachers have any concerns regarding claims which may have been submitted after close of business on the Friday of the pay cycle they should ring EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32.

Information about the changes should be communicated from the Department to casual teachers during December and January.

Click here for a full list of the casual teacher pay days for 2017.

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