Teachers for refugees day of action

The New South Wales Teachers Federation has worked hard with our communities to ensure refugee students have access to quality learning opportunities. Our Union was one of the first to stand up and speak out for the rights of students in detention to have access to public education.

Federation will continue to campaign for refugee and asylum seeker children and their families and stand in opposition to mandatory detention policies.

Monday 12 December 2016 has been identified as a day of action to again bring this issue forward to politicians and the general public.

Federation’s November Council endorsed this day and encourages members to participate in the Teachers for Refugees Day of Action.

Actions teachers may take to support this social media campaign could include wearing one of the 'teachers for refugees' t-shirts or make a sign then take a photo and send it to @PeterDutton_MP and @MalcolmTurnbull and @BillShortenMP

It is important to remember that teachers may identify themselves as such but, when they are engaging in this type of campaigning, they must carry out all campaign activities outside school hours or in break times. If photographs are taken, make sure that the school is not identified and that no students appear in any images.

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