Public high school maths teacher to feature on ‘Australian Story’

Cherrybrook High School mathematics head teacher Eddie Woo will be featured on tonight's edition of Australian Story on ABC TV at 8pm.

The program will cover his journey from a migrant to Australia who has become one of the most high-profile teachers in the country, thanks, in part, to his use of YouTube to broadcast lessons as part of his teaching practice. More than 38,000 people subscribe to his YouTube channel, Wootube, with his videos having been viewed more than 3.7 million times.

Later this year, Eddie Woo will join with his fellow mathematics head teacher David Watson to present the Centre for Professional Learning’s Implementing the New Stage 6 Mathematics Syllabuses course to be held in Blacktown on August 17.

The opening session of the CPL course will clarify features of the new Stage 6 Mathematics Standard syllabus, through an analysis of new directions in course rationales, new content areas and assessment requirements. Features of the proposed Advanced and Extension courses will also be considered. The session will also investigate the reasons behind these changes and analyse the opportunities that this new beginning can bring.

Key links between content and opportunities for assignments and research based tasks will be the focus of the second session. Participants will be given an opportunity to analyse different assessment tasks.

In a further session participants will be required to plan a scope and sequence for Years 11–12, using their knowledge and understanding gained from earlier sessions to consider important links between content areas. Participants will then focus on creating a research task or assignment, identifying appropriate timing and content within their scope and sequence.

To apply visit the Centre for Professional Learning website.

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