Posted: 13 October 2011
Unions NSW has organised a series of public meetings as part of the campaign to stop the O'Farrell government selling NSW's electricity assets.  They will occur in the week leading up to the release of the Tamberlin Inquiry into the NSW electricity industry. Meetings details:
Posted: 11 October 2011
NSW Teachers Federation President Bob Lipscombe has condemned the O'Farrell government's decision to introduce changes to the Technical and Further Education Commission Act into state parliament late this afternoon. Mr Lipscombe said: "In what appears to be little more than a cynical move to stop TAFE teachers negotiating fair and reasonable salary increases as their current salaries award ends, the O'Farrell government is attempting to shift the teachers from their state award to coverage under the Federal government's industrial legislation.
Posted: 6 October 2011
The NSW Teachers Federation and the Australian Education Union have made submissions to the Gonski Review of School Funding.
Posted: 6 October 2011
Since 1994 World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated on 5 October. It is an opportunity for UNESCO and Education International to celebrate the profession and to promote international standards for the teaching profession. The theme for this year is: Teachers for gender equality.
Posted: 29 September 2011
The NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, yesterday announced the start of a consultation on the future of the NSW vocational education and training sector. It is called Smart and Skilled: making NSW number one.
Posted: 28 September 2011
The ACTU today launched a campaign called "Secure Jobs Better Future". It is aimed at addressing the spread of casual, contract and other forms of insecure work in Australian workplaces.
Posted: 21 September 2011
Federation is campaigning against the Government’s proposal that from next year fees will be charged in public preschools operated by the Department of Education and Community Services (DEC).
Posted: 20 September 2011
Miko Peled is an Israeli peace activist and writer living in the US. Born and raised in Jerusalem, Miko grew up in a highly political insider’s milieu. As a young patriot, he volunteered for a Special Forces Commando unit in the Israeli Defence Forces which he later came to regret. Peled’s outlook goes beyond the ordinary perceptions on the Palestine/Israel question common in the Western world. Driven by a personal family tragedy to explore Palestine, its people and their narrative, he has written a book about his journey called The General’s Son.
Posted: 13 September 2011
A state-wide ‘Unions for Marriage Equality’ campaign is being launched at Darlinghurst’s Oxford Hotel tonight, with unions joining forces to support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Eleven unions in total, including the Teachers Federation, have joined the campaign as they spread the message that a large part of the workforce and unions support same-sex marriage rights. The ‘Unions for Marriage Equality’ campaign focuses on the stories and experiences of union members, their families and friends.
Posted: 13 September 2011
We congratulate members and our colleagues from other public sectors for participation in rallies last week. The teachers' 'sea of red' was overwhelming and presented a clear message to the government. Watch the video of the rally and march in Sydney below. Sydney rally photos (Federation)
Posted: 8 September 2011
Tens of thousands of teachers, nurses, ambos, park rangers, bus drivers, health workers, fire fighters, police, public servants of every description, took part in rallies across NSW today. They were defending the public services they provide by protesting at the O’Farrell government’s attacks on the industrial rights of workers, the withdrawl of access to the Industrial relations Commission, and the less-than-inflation salary cap imposed on the public sector.
Posted: 8 September 2011
Posted: 7 September 2011
NSW Teachers Federation President, Bob Lipscombe said: “NSW Teachers Federation members will proceed on strike tomorrow and join with nurses, firefighters, police and other public sector workers in rallies against the unjust O’Farrell government industrial legislation. “Teachers cannot stand by and allow their salaries and working conditions to be cut by unjust laws. “For this dispute to be resolved, the O’Farrell government must repeal the changes it made to the NSW Industrial Relations Act that
Posted: 6 September 2011
Teachers Federation President Bob Lipscombe said today: “Teachers across NSW will be taking part in the protest rallies across NSW on Thursday this week. They are determined to demonstrate their total opposition to the O’Farrell government’s attack on public sector workers and the services they deliver.
Posted: 6 September 2011
Teachers Federation Senior Vice President, Joan Lemaire, said today: “The budget announcement contains some positives and negatives for public education. “On the positive side the employment of 200 additional teachers to commence the Literacy and Numeracy Program is welcomed.  The $40 million committed over 4 years to upgrade schools and the additional $20 million for school maintenance is also a positive. “On the negative side the Federation is concerned that the 1.5% savings which each department has to achieve will reduce the level of support for schools.
Posted: 31 August 2011
Teachers Federation President, Bob Lipscombe said today: “The O’Farrell Government has failed to respond to calls from the Teachers Federation, Unions NSW and unions representing fire fighters, nurses, police and other public sector workers to reverse the changes to NSW industrial relations legislation.  “Given this failure, the Teachers Federation directs all members to stop work for 24 hours on Thursday, 8 September. 
Posted: 30 August 2011
Wear It Purple Day attempts to raise the profile of the impact of homophobia on young people and to demonstrate support for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth.
Posted: 29 August 2011
  The Teachers Federation welcomes the announcement by Education Minister Adrian Piccoli on 24 August that TAFE NSW Illawarra Institute will be helping workers who are losing their jobs at Blue Scope Steel through developing new skills, retraining and supporting existing apprentices.
Posted: 29 August 2011
Sydney Residents Against Coal Seam Gas (SRACSG) is holding a public rally on Sunday 18 September at 11am. The venue is Camperdown Park in Sydney. A march down King St, Newtown to the proposed drill site will follow, and then music, food and speakers in Sydney Park.
Posted: 29 August 2011
Public sector workers across NSW have been attending rallies in regional areas to protest against the O’Farrell government’s attack on NSW public sector workers.
Posted: 22 August 2011
On Friday 19 August the Prime Minister, State Premiers, Territory Chief Ministers and President of the Australian Local Government Association met as the Council of Australian Governments (CoAG). The meeting noted the key role of TAFE in delivering high-cost technical training, encouraging participation of disadvantaged students and providing services particularly in regional and remote areas. It also noted the importance of TAFE in the student take-up of higher level qualifications.
Posted: 22 August 2011
Thursday, 1 September marks , a day set aside to highlight the pay inequity which still exists in Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported in May 2011 that women’s average full time earnings were 17.2% less than men’s. This means a woman would have to work an extra 63 days after the end of the year to catch up with a man’s earnings.
Posted: 19 August 2011
The High Court of Australia has granted a temporary injunction preventing the removal to Malaysia of the first group of asylum seekers processed under the transfer deal with that country. This raises questions about the conflict of interest between the Minister of Immigration’s role as guardian of unaccompanied children who seek asylum in Australia and the facilitation of their deportation to Malaysia.
Posted: 18 August 2011
On Tuesday 16 August members of various public sector unions met at the Cyprus Club in Stanmore. They gathered to discuss the Community Day of Action rally being held on 8 September in the Domain in Sydney.  This report is from Anna Stewart Officers who attended.  
Posted: 11 August 2011
Today’s announcement by Education Minister Adrian Piccoli to commence a consultation process on devolving additional decision making to local schools will provide principals, teachers, parents and school communities an opportunity to seek changes which can improve the delivery of education to students in our public schools.