President calls on state’s dedicated teachers to take action on schools funding

NSW has such an outstanding public education system due to the dedication and commitment of our teachers, Federation Maurie Mulheron says in a video that welcomes teachers back for the 2018 school year.

"Unfortunately the Federal Government does not share that same commitment to public education," Mr Mulheron says.

Last year the Turnbull Government tore up a NSW Gonski agreement, which means $856 million less for NSW public schools this year and next year alone.

"It means public schools across NSW will miss out the funding that could have paid for additional teachers, more aides, classroom relief or better support for students with disability," Mr Mulheron says.

"Mr Turnbull’s plan will see public schools receive only 20 per cent of the resources they need to reach a national resourcing standard — while private schools will get 80 per cent."

"We want this plan scrapped," Mr Mulheron stresses.

"Our school funding campaign will be re-launched in March and we need you, and your school community, to get involved.

"We must keep going until all our schools are properly resourced to meet the needs of all teachers and students.

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