Aboriginal Education Restricted Committee

Annual Conference 2002 created an Aboriginal Federation Restricted Committee which has the responsibility to develop policies, strategies and campaign action designed to achieve change and force governments to improve the educational success of Aboriginal students in NSW.

The Committee originally consisted of 4 elected members, at least 3 of whom were to be from the Aboriginal Members Roll. This was later changed to 6 members with 3 from the Aboriginal Members Roll.

Current Members (March 2017 – March 2019)

Name:    Workplace: Representing:

Gary Cattanach

Nambucca Heads HS Aboriginal

Shanene Phillips

Cudgen PS Aboriginal

Phillip von Schoenberg

Port Macquarie PS Non-Aboriginal
Kelly Jesser Lake Cathie PS Non-Aboriginal
Rebecca Sheerin Curl Curl North PS Non-Aboriginal
Catherine Jeffery lnverell HS Aboriginal


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