Advice for NSBTS in final year of temporary appointment

By OCAA Restricted Committee and David Ferguson

OCAA members in Non School Based Teaching Service positions in the DEC should consider the following advice when in the final year of a temporary appointment:

  • Check carefully your Department portal profile to ensure your details and codes are accurate and up to date.
  • Submit a priority transfer application, and a service transfer if applicable, even if you intend to apply for another NSBTS position. Transfer applications may be submitted by permanent employees in the final year of a temporary NSBTS engagement.
  • Investigate your rights under the DEC 'Procedures for Non School Based Teaching Service Positions' for returning on transfer at a higher substantive position level. This process is known as returning 'one step up'. The merit based process is available to permenent Departmental officers who have successfully undertaken six consecutive years of service in NSBTS positions and at least two merit selections (not extensions). The procedures require the approval of your Director, in consultaion with other relevant officers, regarding the officer's ability to perform at the relevant level. Apply prior to the completion of the temporary appointment.
  • Check rec leave and flex leave balances. Submit a plan to take all leave owing prior to the end of your temporary appointment. It is necessary to obtain written - not verbal - approval from management if it is not possible for any reason for you to take your leave as leave during the remaining of your temporary appointment.
  • Make enquiries to your manager or Director about plans and timelines for future position recruitment.
  • Ask your workplace Fed Rep to consider calling a Federation meeting at your workplace to discuss these matters and request written information be provided to all members.

For further advice contact David Ferguson, Federation Organiser on .

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