Anti-Racism - Media and Social Media

Anti-Racism social media activism



All Together Now: tackling everyday racism. facebook page
Racism. It Stops With Me
Islamophobia Register
: Monitoring incidents discriminating against Muslims in Australia
Reclaim the real Australia: Countering the lies of ‘Reclaim Australia’
1,000,000 Aussies Against Racism

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Recognise (for changes to the Australian constitution to acknowledge indigenous people): 
Stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities in Australia
Blackfulla Revolution (Aboriginal news media site) 
Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Refugee Council of Australia
Refugee Action Coalition (Sydney-based grassroots activist group)
Chilout:  (campaigns to get kids out of detention)
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre: Melbourne based, with an enormous number of followers 
Asylum Seekers Centre: Sydney based
Stop the offshore processing of asylum seekers

Media Stories


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