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Assistant principal allowance


The additional responsibilities of assistant principals in central schools are recognised by an additional allowance in the teaching award.

Some delegates to the 2014 Central Schools Conference, who had been in substantive or relieving position as assistant principals for some time, were surprised to discover this. They have since contacted Employee Services to start being paid the allowance. Some received several years of back pay of the allowance.

If you are an assistant principal or relieving in an assistant principal position, contact Employee Services to ensure you are being paid your entitlement. Should you require further advice contact your local Federation Organiser.


Gonski stories


The crucial challenge for the public education community is to secure from the Federal Government full funding for the fifth and sixth years of the Gonski needs-based schools funding model, which will transition all schools to a minimum resource standard.


Survey results


Results from the committee's survey of delegates at the 2014 Central Schools Conference revealed issues for the Central Schools Committee to be pursued.


Patchwork quilt


Central schools are invited to contribute a quilt patch to the Central Schools' patchwork quilt, which is proudly displayed at central schools conferences.

Quilt pieces are to be 32cm by 32cm and are to display a scene that represents your central school. If you are stuck for creative ideas, simply send us a photo of your school emblem and we will transfer it to a quilt piece for you.

Send your quilt patch to Brett Bertalli, NSW Teachers Federation, Locked Bag 3010, Darlinghurst NSW 1300.


Workplace Committees


Teachers are encouraged to join and/or form a Workplace Committee at their school. Advantages of having a workplace committee include: improved activism and communication in the workplace, increased involvement in school decision making, a forum to discuss industrial issues, access to additional Trade Union Training and a reduced workload for Federation Representatives.


Fed Reps Online


The Fed Reps Online website at http://fedreps.nswtf.org.au has been revamped.

Fed Reps and Women's Contacts can access their workplace membership list and details of the members at their school for updating, 24/7. The site also allows Fed Reps/Women's Contacts to identify new or potential members at their worksite and add members to the workplace or remove members who are no longer at your workplace. The Fed Reps website is password-protected and only available if the Fed Rep/Women's Contact is registered on Federation's membership system.


Central Schools Committee


The Central Schools Committee usually meets once a semester to consider issues relating to central schools and organise strategies to best represent the issues unique to central schools.


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