Consultation on draft 'realignment' 21 Sept 2012

Email 21 September 2012

To: NSW Teachers Federation Members
Officers, Consultants and Advisers Association (OCAA)

Dear Colleagues

Following ongoing action by the Federation, the Department has finally commenced to publish the State Office Schools Portfolio revised ‘realignment’ and position descriptions, stating:

Release of Position Descriptions
20 September 2012
Statement of duties, selection criteria and position descriptions are draft and are provided for your consideration and feedback. They are linked to the Organisation Charts. All comments and feedback to

The Federation encourages members to provide feedback by 9 October 2012 on the draft material to the DDGSchools email, CC . Members may wish to respond to aspects such as workload, programs/projects included or excluded and the grading of positions.

Colleagues, there is much I could say about the recent actions of the Department and the Government. Keeping in mind all that has been inflicted on members this term, I simply wish to thank you for your ongoing support of our union action in defence of public education.



David Ferguson


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