Corrective Services Award Update

Corrective Services teachers should have received a salary increase in their January 11 pay following the finalisation of a one-year award.

The new salary rates are:

The old award expired on December 31, 2015.

During negotiations with Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW), Federation insisted that CSNSW abandon its proposals to abolish requirements for university qualifications in education for teachers and for Correctional Education Officers and to reduce Non-Attendance Time entitlements for teachers.

CSNSW offered the following terms of settlement:

  • a 12 month award for 2016
  • an increase in all salaries of 2.5 per cent for 2016, payable from the first pay period in 2016
  • addition of a new sub-clause (13.5.4) within the existing sub-clause on “make up time” when Teachers lose teaching hours.

The new sub-clause 13.5.4 reads:

"13.5.4 The development of education plans and review of education plans, as provided in subclause 13.2, may be substituted for direct teaching activities under sub-clause 13.5.2 to make up for lost teaching hours."

Under the 2015 award, teachers were required to teach 20 hours per week. When teaching hours are lost due to management and operational decisions at a correctional centre (such as in lock downs and buy-ups), teachers may currently be asked to “make up” lost teaching hours under existing clause 13.5.2 by teaching up to five additional hours a week over a period of up to six weeks without adding to their overall hours of duty or changing their required days of attendance.

Existing sub-clause 13.2 distinguishes between “direct teaching activities” and “duties related to teaching”. The development of education plans and the review of education plans are listed in this sub-clause as duties related to teaching. Teachers commonly refer to these activities as conducting Education Plan Interviews and they involve one-to-one interviews with inmates.

The Corrective Services Restricted Committee's feedback to Federation was that the proposed award be endorsed.

On January 6 the Australian Education Union - Teachers Federation Branch appeared before Commissioner Murphy in the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission. The application for the new award was submitted to the court on a consent basis and the Crown Employees (Education Employees Department of Attorney General and Justice – Corrective Services NSW) Award 2016 was made by the Commissioner.

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