Corrective Services Newsletter - December 2015



December 09, 2015


Hot topics - Keep calm and carry on!

Award negotiations

Positive and constructive discussions regarding the 2016 award are taking place. Federation will update members as negotiations progress.

Education Review

Corrective Services NSW has put in a submission to the Expenditure Review Committee, the government treasury, regarding the future delivery of education within the state's correctional centres. We'll know more in February.

NAT calendar

Each correction centre will determine its non-attendance time (NAT) calendar to best suit the needs of its local operations.

Representation at Joint Consultative Committee meetings

It is proposed that in the event that the Corrective Services TA President, Vice President and/or Secretary are unable to attend a Joint Consultative Committee meeting, an alternate from the Restricted Committee will fill in. Feedback on this proposal is welcome.

Action required - Get moving!

The Federation Representatives and Women's Contact for each correctional centre need to be elected and forms sent into Federation no later than March 2016. Forms will be sent out from Federation early in the new year. Please have a branch meeting, decide on your representatives and get back to Federation. Federation Representatives also need to check and update their branch membership lists.

Training calendar - Keep going!

All elected workplace representatives are strongly encouraged to attend appropriate training courses available through Federation (for example Fundamentals for Fed Reps and Women's Contacts, Women's Conference, Aboriginal Members Conference, New Activists Conference). Click here for more information. Please note the 2016 calendar is not yet up but please check in the new year for available courses.

What can you do? - Be Active!

*Encourage new (and existing) colleagues to join the Teachers Federation.

*Raise issues locally, have a branch meeting, and pass a resolution.

*Phone in to the Corrective Services TA meetings, conducted via teleconference, to keep up-to-date with concerns, issues and good news stories.

*Speak with our executive members to discuss your thoughts and ideas on environmental innovations, women's issues and Aboriginal topics.

*Keep calm, ignore rumours and take them for what they are — just rumours — and stay positive.

Who is in the Executive Committee of the CSTA?

President Stewart Burkitt: Stew is an ESL teacher and education officer at Long Bay Correctional Centre (CC). He started in 2001.

Vice-President Debbie Harris: Debbie is the senior corrections education officer at Mannus Correctional Centre. She started as a part time teacher in 1994 and became a full time teacher in 1999.

Secretary Andy Tayler: Andy is an education officer at Long Bay Correctional Centre and started in 2006.

Aboriginal Contact Janelle Ridgeway: Janelle is the Aboriginal teacher at Goulburn Correctional Centre where she teaches Aboriginal literacy and numeracy.

Women's Contact Kathy Alling: Kathy works at Goulburn Correctional Centre and is a language, literacy, numeracy (LLN) and English for speakers of languages (ESOL) teacher.

Environmental Contact Kit Shepherd: Kit teaches LLN and ESL and has been with the department for over 20 years. She works at Long Bay CC.

Treasurer Simon Buckley: Simon works at Cooma CC as a Correctional Education Officer.

Members on the committee welcome your concerns and comments so that they can be raised at committee and association meetings.

Check out the website under Corrective Services for copies of this newsletter and other updates.



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