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Corrective Services Teachers Association (CSTA)
NSWTF Organiser: Sharryn Usher

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Corrective Services Award Update

Corrective Services teachers should have received a salary increase in their January 11 pay following the finalisation of a one-year award.

The new salary rates are:

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Executive for 2015:
President: Stewart Burkitt Aboriginal Contact: Janelle Ridgeway
Vice President: Debbie Harris Women’s Contact: Kathy Alling
Secretary: Andy Tayler Environmental Contact: Kit Sheppard
Treasurer: Simon Buckley  


CSTA Meetings 2015

Please Note:
Teleconference Meetings are held between 11.30 – 12.30 on the days listed below. Phone Numbers are notified by email.

February 27th July 22nd
April 29th August 28th
May 29th November 27th


Restricted Executive Meetings 2015

Please Note:
Committee Members are Stewart Burkitt, Debbie Harris, Andy Tayler, Danny Conlon, Janelle Ridgeway & Sharryn Usher (NSWTF Organiser)

February 27th August 28th
May 29th November 27th


Joint Consultative Committee Meetings 2015

Please Note:
Joint meetings with CS NSW management& NSWTF

CSTA Committee Members are Stewart Burkitt, Debbie Harris, Andy Tayler, Sharryn Usher (NSWTF Organiser)

Greg Butler NSWTF Industrial Officer, Maxine Sharkey NSWTF Assistant General Secretary Post Schools

February 26th August 27th
May 28th November 26th
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