DEC restructure information 17 Dec 2012

Email 17 December 2012

To: NSW Teachers Federation Members
Officers, Consultants and Advisers Association

Dear Colleagues

DEC restructure

As part of the support for OCAA members impacted by the Department of Education and Communities state and regional job cuts and restructure, the Federation has continued to raise members’ issues and concerns in meetings with the Department.

At the most recent meetings on the 30 November and 14 December 2012 the Federation stressed the priority need for clear published timelines and transparent information regarding both the state office placement process and the regional positions for the ‘transition’ school year 2013. Many other issues from members were also discussed.

The Federation has repeatedly stated to the Department that the unavailability of reliable information for employees from their employer is causing considerable uncertainty for members and adding unnecessarily to the stress and frustration that non school based officers are experiencing.

On Friday the Federation was provided an assurance that the Department would publish on their website additional information and would also update all employees via email today, Monday 17 December 2012.

The Federation expects that this information will directly refer to the timeline for the Christmas / New Year period. Most importantly, the Federation expects the Department to provide advice regarding the deadline of the 27 January for finalisation of placements, appointments, extensions and confirmation of 2013 employment prior to the school year commencing. Adherence to this date as an immovable deadline is paramount for members and for schools.

The Federation will monitor the information made available by the Department and will respond accordingly. This will include seeking that crucial missing information is released or providing where possible Departmental information directly to members.

The Federation continues to respond to concerns raised by individual members and to pursue by whatever means possible matters for groups of members, including permanent and temporary non school based teaching service officers. Some matters are also now before the NSW Industrial Relations Commission and the Federation will report to members when there are concrete developments.

Thank you to all members who contact the Federation to raise concerns, discuss issues for themselves and provide suggestions for future action. I am acutely aware of the difficulties many individuals face and appreciative of the collegial support that Federation members continue to display despite the ongoing disgraceful circumstances inflicted on them and public education in NSW.

Yours sincerely


David Ferguson
NSW Teachers Federation

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