Events Calendar - February

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Date Event Index Notes
4th February Independence Commemoration Day Sri Lanka  
6th February Waitangi Day  New Zealand  
7th February Independence Day  Grenada  
7th February Carnevale Italian Festival, Adelaide (to 8 February 2015) Festival This festival is an opportunity for South Australia’s Italian communities to share their traditions with other Australians.
11th February Victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Iran  
13th February National Multicultural Festival - Canberra (to 15 February) Festival The National Multicultural Festival features local, national and international music, dance, food and creative arts.
14th February Lonsdale Street Greek Festival, Melbourne (to 15 February) Festival This popular festival takes over Lonsdale Street to celebrate all things Greek.  
14th February Greek Festival of Sydney (to15 February) Festival The Greek Festival of Sydney, one of Australia's largest and longest running annual cultural events, is a celebration of Greek-Australian lifestyle, culture and heritage.
15th February Nirvana Day Buddhist This day is an observance of the death of the Buddha (Mahayana tradition).
15th February National Day Serbia  
16th February Independence Day Lithuania  
17th February Independence Day Kosovo  
17th February Shrove Tuesday  Christian Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent.  Pancakes are traditionally eaten on this day.
18th February National Day Gambia  
18th February Ash Wednesday - Lent begins  Christian Lent is the period of 40 days which comes before Easter in the Christian calendar, traditionally a time of fasting and reflection.  It begins with Ash Wednesday.
19th February Chinese New Year (Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram) Festival The Year of the Goat is the eighth in the Eastern zodiac. The Goat represents harmony and prosperity. It is sometimes also referred to as Year of the Sheep or Year of the Ram. 
19th February Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) Festival Vietnamese people celebrate Tet with family reunions, special foods and gifts.  This festival is also an opportunity for Vietnamese Australians to share their cultural heritage with the wider Australian community.
19th February Tibetan New Year (Losar) Buddhist Losar is an occasion to dispel the obstacles and negativities of the old year and is marked with activities that symbolise purification.
22nd February National Day  Saint Lucia  
23rd February National Day Brunei Darussalam  
23rd February National Day Guyana  
24th February Independence Day Estonia  
25th February National Day Kuwait  
27th February Independence Day Dominican Republic  
28th February Pako Festa, Geelong Festival Pako Festa is a celebration of cultural diversity and attracts thousands of people to enjoy food, folk dancing, art exhibitions, films, craft, activities for children and the Pako Parade.
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