FACS and Sick Leave Changes Restored for Non School Based Teaching Service

By Wendy Currie and David Ferguson

May 2011

An article in the Federation journal Education described the success the Federation had in asserting the fundamental industrial rights of our Non School Based Teaching Service (NSBTS) members to be represented by their union.

The DEC had agreed to alter a situation that had existed at least since 1995 in which many of the NSBTS conditions were negotiated with the union covering NSW public servants (the PSA).

The DEC agreed to enshrine NSBTS conditions in a determination, any change to which will be negotiated with the Federation.

What the DEC had failed to do was put their commitment to reverse the unilateral changes they made to NSBTS FACS and sick leave conditions in writing.

They have now done that and the Federation has finalised the case in the IRC.

What remains to be finalised is the exact mechanism by which the reversal will be made.

Our NSBTS members include around 800 departmental officers and consultants.  They are experienced teachers who support the work of teachers in schools.

They and the Federation have overturned a longstanding, industrially unsound practice and reasserted the right of a union to represent its members.

Any member with concerns regarding their FACS or sick leave approval or calculations should seek information from DEC Corporate Employee Service and then contact the Federation.


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