Farewell from SSRC member Jennifer Lawlor

Small Schools Newsletter - December 2017

“As we come to the end of another incredibly busy, stressful at times, but ultimately rewarding year teaching in our small schools it is time to reflect on my own long and varied career in public education in NSW, the last 12 years in three different small schools in the ‘old’ Riverina region.

“Over the past five years it has been my privilege to be a member of the Teachers’ Federation Small Schools Committee. This has been a wonderful opportunity to collegially share issues, concerns and the impact the ever-increasing workload is having on our work-life balance, as well as celebrate the many wonderful successes we have in our own small schools. As a committee, we have been involved in developing campaign courses and collating evaluations, analysing surveys and making recommendations to go to the Senior Officers for consideration, as well as consulting with the Industrial Officers, the Communications team and Senior Officers of Federation.

“I am currently on long service leave, prior to retiring in May 2018 and I would urge all small schools teachers and principals to become involved with Federation and, in particular, consider nominating to become a member of the Small Schools Restricted Committee. When I was first elected to this committee I was unaware of the scope of educational activities and decision making that Federation is involved in and it has been such a great learning experience I would recommend it to any members who would like to broaden their union involvement.”

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