Federation Workplace Committees

“Effective communication with internal and external stakeholders is the key to understanding risk, managing risk and developing a workplace culture that values and promotes positive behaviours. Consultation with employees and unions is integral to this process.”

Director-General of Education and Training and
General Secretary NSW Teachers Federation
Dignity and Respect in the Workplace Charter (2008)

Professionally respectful, collegial and consultative schools, colleges and other workplaces are committed to ensuring teachers are involved in decision making and problem solving. A Federation Workplace Committee can:

  • build the collective capacity of members to engage with everyday issues in the workplace
  • establish another source of the collegiality that underpins quality teaching and learning
  • support the Federation Representative and the Women’s Contact to more effectively engage the whole school or college community in Federation campaigns at the local level.

To find out how to elect your Federation Workplace Committee and establish an effective presence in your school, college or other workplace, download the documents below and share them with colleagues in your workplace.

Workplace Committee Register

Every year members at each workplace meet to elect their Federation Representatives. Annual registration is essential so that the workplace Federation Representative, Women's Contact and other members of the Federation Workplace Committee are recognised and supported by the NSW Teachers Federation.

If you have not received information about the election of your workplace committee, please contact us via the details below:

Further Information

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