Flex sheet advice for strike / stop work action

Email to OCAA member list

Sent: Thursday, 22 September 2011 2:30 PM
Subject: Flex sheet advice for strike

To: NSW Teachers Federation OCAA members (OCAA email list)

Dear Colleagues

Members have contacted me regarding confusing advice at some local offices regarding the completion of flex sheets for the 8 September 2011 industrial action. This advice relates to the completion of electronic flex sheets with automated calculations of hours.

When completing an electronic flex sheet, the hours of strike action count towards the accumulated hours for the flex period. For a full day strike, 7 hours is recorded, just as it would be for a full day’s leave (including leave without pay).

To indicate zero hours would be to suggest that members forgo a day’s pay on the strike day but still be required to work the hours at another time in the flex period. (This would not constitute industrial action, merely less pay for the same hours worked).

If any member is given contrary advice, please ask for it in writing and then provide it to the Federation so that appropriate action can be taken.



David Ferguson                       
NSW Teachers Federation

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