Gayby Baby School Action Toolkit

LGBTIQ Newsletter - May 2016

In celebration of International Day of Families 2016 every primary and high school in Australia is receiving a limited edition “Understanding Family Diversity” poster to launch the Gayby Baby School Action ToolkitAustralia’s first comprehensive educational resource to represent same-sex parented families and explore family diversity.

The toolkit is mapped to the National and NSW PDHPE curriculum (5-10), and explores diverse family structures in a fun and insightful way, using stories drawn from the film. These stories encourage students to explore concepts of diversity and difference, and to develop and maintain respectful relationships. It can also be used in the English and Humanities learning areas.

Beyond the classroom, the toolkit provides practical strategies for school leaders to help students from diverse family backgrounds feel more engaged and connected in their school environment, which is a cornerstone of the Department’s Wellbeing Framework for Schools.

To get the toolkit visit the Gayby Baby website and download the free resource.

Remember to order the Supplementary Video Kit, which contains the in-class teaching videos.

This ground-breaking resource was launched at a special event at the NSW Teachers Federation in Surry Hills on May 12  with keynote speaker Tanya Plibersek MP.


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