LGBTIQ Newsletter - May 2016

May 17 is an annual day on which the LGBTIQ community and its allies draw attention to the violence and discrimination that LGBTIQ people continue to encounter.

With recent increased discrimination against LGBTIQ people in places like the USA, this is a current topic in the media around the world. Even in places like Australia, which has legislation in place to protect against discrimination based on sex, sexuality, gender and intersex status, there has been an increase in anti-LGBTIQ sentiment. Recent attacks on the Safe Schools Coalition program (which aims to decrease discrimination and bias based bullying), marriage equality and pride rounds of sport have seen derogative and harmful comments made in such “debates” damage LGBTIQ people’s wellbeing and contributes to risk of harm.

The Human Rights Commission highlighted this issue when it stated: “The Commission is concerned about the language used in the current debate and cautions against any unhelpful statements that could be harmful to children and young people.”

As such, IDAHOT Day is an important time to reflect on where we are as a society.

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