The importance of the Teacher Librarian



International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

"It has been demonstrated that, when Teacher-Librarians and teachers work together, students achieve higher levels of literacy, reading, learning, problem-solving and technology skills."

IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions). Section of School Libraries and Resource Centres. The School Library in Teaching and Learning for All; IFLA/UNESCO School Library manifesto.



  • are members of the school's total teaching staff
  • are involved in teaching and learning
  • are involved in the provision of information related resources, integral to planning, implementation and evaluation of curriculum
  • are team members
  • are information specialists
  • encourage the love of literature and learning
  • are resource specialists
  • provide for students' interests
  • provide assistance to classroom teacher in curriculum development and planning
  • manage technology in the library
  • are in charge of developing the library collection
  • participate in networks to extend availability of resources
  • are responsible for administering library resources, including budgeting and stocktake
  • teach information skills, such as critical literacy
  • ensure students understand and use technology
  • supervise library staff, volunteers and students
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