Indicative timeline for restructure implementation 14 Nov 2012

To: NSW Teachers Federation Members
Officers, Consultants and Advisers Association (OCAA)

Dear Colleagues

Whilst this email is of most significance for members in regional positions, it is relevant to all members.

See below a draft timeline for the implementation of the latest restructure and job cuts. You will note that the Department has marked the timeline as draft and is indicative only of the Department's planning as of last Friday.

The Federation is well aware of the difficulties and stresses that such a timeframe of events can cause, particularly being so close to the end of the school year. Whilst the timeline below cannot be relied on as a definitive document and will not address all issues, it is being provided due to the number of questions being asked by members who indicate that they cannot find any reference to a timeline on the Department's website.

The Federation continues to encourage ALL members to consider making a submission to the DDG Schools, including opposing the significant Government-imposed job cuts at the heart of the proposal. Please note that the Department's deadline is Monday 19 November on this timeline (not the Tuesday as the Federation advised previously). OCAA members are asked to CC their submission to .

Members are also remind of the importance of attend the Community Day of Action - Stop the funding cuts, this Sunday 18 Nov 2012 Darling Harbour 11am - 2pm. For regional venue details go to .



David Ferguson




14 September 2012

DDG, Schools message to staff of proposed changes to the current regional model to identify a new model to provide support to schools.

October – November 2012

Consultations with various groups on the development of the new model.

November 2012

Finalisation of the new model of support.

6 November 2012

Advice provided to unions regarding new model.

Advice provided to regional staff by Regional Directors and School Education Directors.

Proposal for consultation published on Department’s website.

19 November 2012

Last day for submission feedback on proposed model.

20-23 November 2012

Feedback considered and model amended as appropriate.

26 November 2012

Revised charts etc provided on the Department’s website for further and final feedback.

9 December 2012

End of period for final feedback.

10-14 December 2012

Final feedback considered and charts finalised.

Change management plan finalised.

After 14 Dec 2012

Commence implementation of change management process and transition to new model where possible.

Late Jan/ Early Feb 2012

Appointment of Executive Directors.


Transition to full implementation for the beginning of Term 1 2012.

Term 1 2014

Full implementation of new model.

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