Karen Rubie

My name is Karen Rubie and I am a proud Aboriginal woman. My mother is a Ngunnawal woman who has spent most of her life in Walgett, rural New South Wales, where her mother, Rachel Goolagong and mum’s siblings were placed on the mission there. She is currently an elder within the Walgett community and will continue to be for years to come. My father is a Wiradjuri elder who resides in Young, NSW. I share and honour my totems with my parents; eagle hawk and the googa.

In 2009 I graduated at the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Education. For the past few years I have been putting that degree into practice at Callaghan College, Wallsend Campus teaching my passion History.

During 2011, I was successfully nominated to the Aboriginal Restricted Committee. I feel proud knowing that every step our committee takes in improving the Aboriginal education system is helping the younger generations of Aboriginal children stay connected with our people.

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