Mark Scott's email to principals

The following text has been taken directly from an email sent from NSW Education Secretary Mark Scott to all NSW Public School Principals.

Sent: Thursday, 11 May 2017 11:24 AM

Dear Principal

I am writing to you about the announcement of new funding arrangements contained in the latest Commonwealth budget.

The Commonwealth budget contains an increase of $820 million to NSW schools, but there remains a shortfall from our existing agreement of $1.8 billion.

I am forwarding you a copy of a statement made by Minister Stokes on this announcement.

I am aware that the Commonwealth Education Minister has written to you with an estimate of the funding increases that your school will attract from the latest announcement. You should not rely on these figures for future planning or budgeting purposes.

The figures for your school were calculated by the Commonwealth on the assumption that every school would receive exactly the same increase in funding. The commitment by the State to the Gonski principles of needs-based funding means that every school receives a different level of funding to reflect the needs of their school community. In public schools, this needs-based funding is principally provided through the Resource Allocation Model.

The calculation of apparent increases to your school also does not take into account increases in teacher salaries or any other cost growth over the next decade.

As a Department we are working to support Minister Stokes in advocating for the additional $1.8 billion in our existing agreement and for the Gonski principles of needs-based funding.

The Commonwealth’s funding changes will be a matter for discussion at a meeting of the COAG Education Council on 18 May and I will keep you informed of progress.


Mark Scott
Secretary | Department of Education

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