Massive job cuts announced 11 Sept 2012

Email 11 September 2012

Massive job cuts announced

To: NSW Teachers Federation Members
Officers, Consultants and Advisers Association (OCAA)

Dear Colleagues

Today the Premier finally announced some details of the massive cuts to public education that the Federation has been reporting since the Minister released Local Schools Local Decisions in March. The sham about LSLD, including the ‘realignment’, being an educational initiative is over.

I attended the Departmental briefing today along with two senior officers of the Federation and officers from the PSA and ISEA. The content of the briefing was very similar to that contained in the ‘fact sheet’ Saving measures to meet our budget. The only additional information of substance for non school based teaching service positions provided was in response to questions. The Department stated:

  • of  the 1800 positions to be lost over four years, most of the reductions would occur sooner rather than later
  • the 600 positions to be lost from state and regional offices include the approximately 200 Schools Portfolio positions already announced
  • no brake down of the number of teaching service jobs to be cut was available
  • no detail of any description was available for the nature of the regional structural changes
  • regional job cut proposals are being worked on now but no timetable for job cut announcements was available. The need for some support for the Australian curriculum implementation would be considered.
  • the Schools Portfolio organisational charts would be release ‘soon’ but not necessarily this week, and may contain fewer jobs than outlined to unions on 28 June 2012
  • the Schools Portfolio job cuts would revert to ‘around 200’ jobs, with further information to be provided to unions on Thursday.

The Department openly stated at last that the cuts are required to produce the government-set $1.7 billion reduction in education funding over four years. This is on top of the $201 million to be cut this year. No mention in the whole briefing was made to students or student learning outcomes.

Please note that the union attended a briefing at 1.30pm today only to find that the media was briefed at 1.10pm and was reporting on line from 1.25pm. Non school based members along with members in schools were not emailed by the Director-General until well after 2 pm. This demonstrates again that this government is more interested in the media spin cycle than the welfare of teachers in the school sector and TAFE, other workers in schools and TAFE colleges, or the interests of public education students.

For the Federation President’s initial response to this appalling announcement go to .

The Federation urges all members to immediately contact their local member of parliament and register opposition to these massive cuts to public education.



David Ferguson

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