Media Releases 2016

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Please find below media releases from the New South Wales Teachers Federation

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PDF icon 13-12-2016 - Teachers concerned at reports of widespread exploitation of young workers104.43 KB
PDF icon 2-12-2016 - TAFE teachers vote overwhelmingly to support new award salaries and conditions69.99 KB
PDF icon 1-12-16 - Prison teachers appalled as Baird Government slashes gaol education52.83 KB
PDF icon 20-10-2016 - 2017 Gonski funding welcomed by teaching profession89.53 KB
PDF icon 19-07-2016 - Gonski essential for ensuring HSC reforms88.26 KB
PDF icon 13-07-2016 - Baird Government fiddles as TAFE burns102.52 KB
PDF icon 22-06-16 - Coalition vulnerable as voters in NSW marginals shift to parties backing Gonski schools’ funding111.23 KB
PDF icon 21-06-16 - Budget spending on education does not go far enough108.3 KB
PDF icon 16-06-16 - Baird government must guarantee new TAFE IT system works properly — and recognise teachers’ value190.81 KB
PDF icon 30-05-2016 - Teachers campaign for extra Gonski funding in the Blue Mountains117.19 KB
PDF icon 11-05-16 - ALP commitment to continuing Gonski funding gives voters a real choice to support a better education for all Australi89.38 KB
PDF icon 10-05-2016 - Baird Government’s privatisation of gaol education will give prisoners no chance of rehabilitation89.22 KB
PDF icon 04-05-2016 - Turnbull budget fails to support additional Gonski needs-based funding.117.05 KB
PDF icon 01-05-2016 - Turnbull government turns its back on students most in need386.15 KB
PDF icon 29-04-2016 - Report reveals funding the full six years of Gonski will save $72 billion.93.19 KB
PDF icon 20-04-2016 - Baird government TAFE privatisation agenda to further disadvantage students179.95 KB
PDF icon 22-03-2016 - Evidence of need for Gonski can’t be ignored209.65 KB
PDF icon 10-03-2016 - BOSTES review207.92 KB
PDF icon 03-03-2016 - Educators unite to urge Premier to hold the line384.06 KB
PDF icon 01-03-2016 - School Counsellors must be trained as teachers91.86 KB
PDF icon 12-02-2016 - Barnaby Joyce must back ’needs based’ educational funding because kids in the bush face massive needs.52.55 KB
PDF icon 10-02-2016 - Gonski funding the answer to closing the gap for Indigenous students67.79 KB
PDF icon 04-02-2016 - Turnbull’s TAFE takeover bad for vocational education training and our kids162.4 KB
PDF icon 02-02-2016 - Federal Nats need to lift their game on Gonski254.94 KB
PDF icon 28-01-2016 - Federation calls on Turnbull to match Labor's Gonski announcement147.2 KB
PDF icon 16-12-2016 - Birmingham has no plan for schools, just cuts to Gonski298.29 KB
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