Message from the President, State Office 'Realignment'

Email 31 May 2012

To: Non School Based Teaching Service NSW Teachers Federation Members (OCAA)

Dear Colleagues

Today the Department of Education and Communities released organisational charts for the Schools Portfolio. The only clarity that the charts bring is that the so-called ‘realignment’ of State Office is indeed Orwellian speak for cutting jobs and cutting support to schools.

The Department refuses to concede that Local Schools Local Decisions is a NSW Treasury-driven mechanism to reduce expenditure. Members in non school based positions are among the first teachers to come face to face with the reality of the cuts.

The Federation opposes the cuts. The fact is that jobs lost in state office will translate into reduced support to schools.

I want to be even clearer. Your union supports the maintenance of a strong state office and regional consultancy drawn from the teaching service. The recently released Department documents attempt to defend the indefensible and must be repudiated.

The Federation will stand with you and all our members to fight against the Government’s attempts to cut public education expenditure through Local Schools Local Decisions and fight for the interests of the students in our schools.

Your OCAA Organiser, David Ferguson, will provide further information and advice to members shortly.

Yours in solidarity

Maurie Mulheron


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