Outstanding recreation leave

The Department has provided the following advice regarding Outstanding Recreation Leave.

An officer in a non school based teaching (NSBT) position will accrue recreation leave during the term of the engagement.  The Portability of Leave Entitlement conditions for NSBTS provide that “Any accrued recreation leave must be exhausted prior to return to a teaching position.”  The recreation leave accrued during the NSBT engagement should be used prior to the end of the engagement (i.e. through actually taking leave). 

However, where the officer is unable to utilise all of the recreation leave accrued during the engagement, there is a provision to allow it to be “cashed out” as a lump sum payment to the officer.  Cashing out of the unused recreation leave requires the approval of the Director (or their delegate) of the Unit the NSBT role was based in.  Once approved, a request for payment of recreation leave accrued in the NSBT role can be forwarded to the Corporate Payroll Team (e-mail HRSSC.Corporate@det.nsw.edu.au) for further action and payment.  

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