Performance and Development Framework

Distance Education Newsletter - December 2016

Members were emailed the Federation’s October 20 Current Issues Update on Implementing the Performance and Development Framework.

The P&DF was introduced into NSW public schools mid-way through 2015. This year has been the first year of a full 12-month cycle of the P&DF.

In response to questions from members, the October update provides advice and clarification on exercising teacher professional judgement, the role of the supervisor, observations of professional practice, goal-setting, and why Federation changed its position on AITSL.

The DERC sought advice from a DE head teacher on how the P&DF is being successfully implemented in one particular school. Listed below are some examples of when observations could be made of professional practice in a DE setting. Observations could occur during:

  • home visits
  • telephone calls (to students, parents, or home school teachers)
  • video conferences
  • setting up a visit
  • implementation of curriculum
  • field work
  • feedback to students.

It is important that all observations are negotiated, linked to the teacher’s goals and undertaken in a collegial, respectful manner by an agreed colleague.

For executive staff (only) it is mandatory for supervisors to undertake observations of the leadership practice of promoted teachers.

While the use of a particular pro forma “lesson observation sheet” for the stage, faculty or whole school may be suggested, such resources are not mandatory and should not be imposed.  Teachers, executives and principals have the right to negotiate the observation processes and documentation that best suit their individual professional needs and goals.

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