Project Officer - recruitment and activism

As part of the continuing implementation of the Annual Conference Decision 2004 Recruitment and Activism and the Future of the Union, the General Secretary is seeking Expressions of Interest from school teachers in their first few years of teaching, who believe they can make a significant contribution to the role of Project Officer.

The focus of the work of Project Officers will be on the recruitment and involvement of new teachers in Federation forums. The Project Officers will work with the Trade Union Training Officer and Membership and Training Officer in their day to day work, which in previous years has included: visiting schools, talking to staff and recruiting members; liaising with city, country and TAFE Organisers and other Federation Officers; and being involved in the promotion and delivery of Beginning Teacher conferences and courses. The exact nature of the work in 2021 will be dependent on the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on the operations of schools and the Department.

The Project Officers will be involved in call centre recruitment. The Project Officers may also undertake work with the Membership and Training Officer in visiting universities for seminars and orientation days if they go ahead.

The Project Officer Restricted Committee considers the Expressions of Interest and makes a recommendation to the General Secretary.

In 2021, Project Officers will be recruited for one term, with the possibility of extension to two terms. Applicants should indicate on the application form which terms they are interested in. Gender and equity are considered when filling positions.

It is expected that members seeking an Expression of Interest for these positions will have the following attributes and skills:

  • commitment to public education
  • excellent communication skills
  • experience in Federation activities at the local level
  • an understanding of the experiences of new teachers and graduates and an ability to relate to them
  • ability to work as part of a team with other Officers and Association contacts and members
  • public speaking skills and the ability to chair a workshop session
  • a proven commitment to Federation and its policies and campaigns
  • a current driver’s licence.

The Project Officers will be employed on the same basis as Officers of the Federation, which will include some weekend work. They will be on appropriate leave without pay from the Department of Education as provided in the leave terms for administrative Relief Officers with Federation.

Applications will close at 4pm on 21 May, 2021. To receive an Expression of Interest form please phone Trade Union Training on (02) 9217 2460 or email

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