The role of the Teacher-Librarian in the School Community

Teacher Librarians 


The Teacher-Librarian is the school's information and resource specialist, with professional qualifications in

  • education, and
  • information science/librarianship.

The Teacher-Librarian is responsible to the Principal for

  • initiating and participating in the teaching of information literacy in the context of the total curriculum, and 
  • managing the school's information resources and services to facilitate learning/teaching.


  1. The Teacher-Librarian has a professional involvement in the learning and teaching program of the school by collaborating with teachers in curriculum development, implementation and evaluation.
  2. The Teacher-Librarian initiates and cooperates in programs to ensure that students become discerning users of information to enable them to achieve the learning outcomes specified in the schools education programs.
  3. The Teacher-Librarian has key role in the school's information technology program.
  4. The Teacher-Librarian provides experiences to encourage reading.
  5. The Teacher-Librarian develops, organises and manages information resources which meet the educational, cultural and recreational needs of students and the professional needs of teachers.
  6. The Teacher-Librarian facilitates access to external sources of information.
  7. The Teacher-Librarian is responsible for all library management, including:
  • devising and implementing systems for efficient library operation to ensure optimum user access to information resources;
  • preparing and administering the library budget;
  • training and supervising the library staff;
  • evaluating and reporting on library programmes.


Authorised by John Hennessy, General Secretary, NSW Teachers Federation, 300 Sussex Street, Sydney 2000




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