Rosemary Richards Scholarship

Applications Open – Rosemary Richards Scholarship

Women members of the AEU and its Branches and Associated Bodies are encouraged to apply for the 2018 Rosemary Richards Scholarship.

Rosemary Richards was a proud feminist, unionist and educator. She was a respected leader, colleague and friend who played a crucial role in shaping the AEU as an organisation which reflects feminist principles. Sadly, Rosemary passed away in November, 2006 after a long battle with illness.

This scholarship, now in its twelfth year, is in recognition of the significant contribution that Rosemary made to the AEU as an organisation and to all its members, women in particular.

Across the AEU, women’s employment rights and women’s union participation has been steadily advanced due to an active, committed and predominantly female membership, but challenges still remain.

The Scholarship is aimed at providing the opportunity to a woman member to increase her skills and experience in the union’s work at a state/territory/national or international level and, by extension, supporting the AEU’s women members. The proposal may include (but is not limited to):

  • The establishment of a work-shadowing arrangement or a mentoring arrangement;
  • Research or study experiences;
  • Formal and/or informal training and development opportunities (e.g. attendance at an appropriate conference); or
  • The design and implementation of a discrete project.

The scholarship is valued up to $10,000 per year.

For more information please refer to the guidelines and nomination form on the AEU Federal website.  

The deadline for applications is Friday 11th May, 2018.


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