Safe Schools Coalition FAQs

LGBTIQ Newsletter - May 2016

Can my school still sign up to the Safe Schools program?

Yes! Schools should visit the Safe Schools Coalition website to download the membership form to join, and to find out more information about the program.

Can primary schools be part of the Safe Schools Coalition program?

Yes. Safe Schools Coalition NSW can still support primary schools and they are able to sign up as members of the program.

What type of parental involvement is needed to be a Safe School?

Parents and carers are always encouraged to be part of their children’s education. Some members of the wider school community can consider aspects of a school’s curriculum (including sexuality, drug education, sexual health etc) to be controversial. In these cases the Department’s Controversial Issues in School Policy and Implementation Procedures need to be followed as they provide direction for schools.

What is happening with the government’s recommendations?

Safe Schools Coalition Australia is continuing to work with the Australian Government Department of Education and Training to further clarify the recommendations and determine the implications of any changes on the ground in each state and territory.

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