Secondary and Central School Libraries

Supervision of students not in class

Federation's view is that Teacher-Librarians, like any teacher, cannot supervise 'extraneous' students whilst themselves engaged in teaching.

Flexible timetabling adopted in many schools has led to large numbers of "unsupervised' students. These students are a whole school welfare and discipline issue and should be dealt with as such. Some schools give permission for senior students to leave school premises or provide a senior common room.

Assisting Groups or Individuals

This is a teaching activity and is included as part of a Teacher-Librarians period allocation. Teaching includes team-teaching, assisting groups of students in the library, supervision of students, whole-class teaching.

Outcomes based teaching and independent research has led to greater pressures on Teacher-Librarians' time. Teacher-Librarian staffing should acknowledge this.

Number of Lessons

Teacher-Librarians can be required to teach 28 x 40 minutes periods (or equivalent), plus sport, per week. They can be asked to do roll call. This would preclude the Teacher-Librarians from undertaking other duties at such times.

Concessional periods can be negotiated to relieve the Teacher-Librarian at other times.

Teachers can be rostered in the library to ensure the Teacher-Librarian does not need to go beyond this teaching period load.

Teaching Subjects Outside the Library and Timetabled Periods

Teacher-Librarians are appointed to staff the library. They are not required to teach subjects outside the library, eg. Maths, English, etc. No Teacher-Librarian should be timetabled to teach on the subject timetable.

This enables the Teacher-Librarian to initiate and execute collaborative teaching strategies and library management duties.

Teacher-Librarians are appointed to the school in addition the teaching establishment needed to meet timetabled subject requirements.

This means that they should not be pressured into taking timetabled lessons. If the Teacher-Librarian is on the school timetable, then the periods are being freed for allocation elsewhere.

The teaching/learning role of the Teacher-Librarian is one negotiated between the Teacher/Librarian and the Principal. Teacher-Librarians operate in a variety of structures: collegiates, centres of excellence, selective and single sex environments. They have various responsibilities eg. Year Advisers, Fed. Reps., skills and interests groups. The flexibility of the Teacher-Librarian, in being allocated extra to establishment is meant to enhance the delivery of teaching and learning in the library and not to provide executive release or timetabling convenience.

Teaching Information Skills Lessons within the Library

The DET Information Skills and School Libraries emphasise collaborative teaching strategies. To this end, timetabled library lessons are not a recommended mode of delivery. However, the Principal, in consultation with the school community (especially the Teacher-Librarians) can determine the most appropriate form of delivery of those lessons.

Should timetabled lessons be chosen, the Teacher-Librarians would be precluded from any other activities, eg. assisting other groups in the library, supervision of private study students. This would seem to be an ineffective use of school library resources.

Hours of Opening

Teacher-Librarians work under the same Award as all other teachers. For more information see the section under "All Teacher-Librarians".

Secondary Staffing
High Schools Enrolment
1 - 1200 = 1.0
1201 - 1250 = 1.2
1251 and over = 1.4

Central Schools (Year 7 - 12 enrolment)
1 - 45 = 0.3
46 - 110 = 0.4
111 and over = 0.6


Library Support Staff

There is no formula for a fixed allocation of support staff.

There is a Statement of Duties describing the duties expected of support staff. This is endorsed by the Union covering support staff, the Public Service Association.

These duties are not the professional duties of Teacher-Librarians. Adequate support staff should be provided to ensure that the Teacher-Librarians can fully attend to professional duties.

See the section under "All Teacher-Librarians".

DET memo re Administration Time and other Teacher-Librarian issues



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