Small Schools are great schools

Small Schools newsletter - May 2015

As part of raising awareness of the great work of small schools and the extra support that Gonski funding allows, Federation is asking schools to highlight the direct benefit of this extra funding. If your school can share a good news story of how Gonski funding is lifting student outcomes, please let us know.

During term 1, all small schools were sent two corflute signs and some stickers. Some schools failed to get this material due to a problem with the register of schools on the NSW Teachers Federation database. The Committee has been reassured that this issue has been resolved. In the future, this newsletter and other materials will be received simultaneously by all small schools.

The stickers and corflute signs are to be displayed at your school. It would be great if you could take some photos of them in use so that we can promote small schools more widely. All available stickers and corflute signs have now been given out and the Committee is investigating options to fund a reprint.

The term 2 meeting of the Committee will create other materials that small schools can use in their community to emphasise the need to have the full six years of Gonski funding realised.

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