Small Schools Newsletter - July 2016

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Posters, flyers and more to talk up Small Schools


Download now and look out for these new resources to arrive in print at your schools soon


Campaign course for teaching principals


Training on the implications of Local Schools Local Decisions, wellbeing, the Performance and Development Framework and students with special needs


Understanding the PDP


Key points on two phases – Goal-setting and Observations – to help members in small schools implement the new process successfully


Have you claimed your allowances?


Some small schools attract allowances to which teachers may be entitled. You can find out if your school attracts any of these allowances by accessing the teach NSW Benefits Calculator here.

Applicable forms for allowances can be downloaded from the “Human Resources” section of the Department of Education's website under the “School Teachers and Employee Forms” links.


Get the app


The NSWTF app is available on the App Store and the Android platform. This is a great resource for all staff. Click here to get the app from iTunes and here for the Androids app.



Small Schools Committee


Who’s in the committee and who to contact in case of need


Your school: Meadow Flat Public School


Meadow Flat PS has 52 students. The school has grown with a 65 per cent increase in enrolments over the past five years that has brought a third classroom into operation for the last two years. All students benefit from the group of eight schools in the Bathurst Small Schools network. They meet for PSSA team sports, PSSA carnivals, and stage-based excursions and camps. Staff across the network have strong professional development activities.

Extra needs-based funding has enhanced ways in which the school can support students’ individual learning needs. The school is using equity loadings to employ specialist staff to provide individual learning programs.


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