Small Schools Newsletter - June 2017


Award update

The new Award, which safeguards existing conditions and gives members a 2.5 per cent pay rise for three years, contains two issues relevant to small schools that Federation will monitor and keep fighting: principal classification based on school budgets and a contentious “associate principal” classification.

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Small schools and Gonski

Every small school TA should take action to push the federal government to maintain full Gonski funding. Use the proforma letters attached to contact your local federal Coalition or Labor MP. Gonski is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure needs-based funding that will boost every child in every school.

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How to address work overload

Contact your local Organiser to discuss how to play an important role in opposing any additional workload placed on schools as a result of the Department’s implementation of new technology.

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Action by the Small Schools Committee

The Small Schools Restricted Committee is calling for case studies that outline specific examples of how new technology  has increased staff workload. We have provided a case study template for easy use.

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New committee – hail and farewell

We sadly farewell Michael Wood and Michael Collins who have stood down from the Small Schools Restricted Committee. The new committee will be introduced in the next newsletter.

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Contact your committee

The next committee meeting will be later in Term 4. Please contact one of the committee members below if you wish to raise an issue:
Danny Spillane - Kentucky PS -
Jennifer Lawlor - Brungle PS -
Wil Constable - Wilsons Creek PS -


Authorised by John Dixon, General Secretary,
New South Wales Teachers Federation
23-33 Mary St, Surry Hills,
NSW 2010 Australia

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