Small Schools Newsletter May 2015

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Small schools are great schools


Help spread the word on the great work of small schools and the extra support that Gonski funding allows


Executive release


The Committee is seeking a response from the Department on the rollout and accountability of executive release in primary schools funding.

Federation's position remains that this release time should be an award provision available to all primary assistant and deputy principals as it is in high schools for head teachers and deputies.


Performance and Development Framework


The Committee is seeking clarification on the status of small school principals and what framework will be used to measure principals. The announcement of the trial for Principal Certification poses the question for teaching principals as to whether they would be classified as teachers or as principals, and the Committee is also seeking more information about this.


Recess, closure and amalgamation


Protocols for the closure, recess, amalgamation or other models of education provision of schools


Where is your small school?


Wilsons Creek Public School, Beacon of the Valley

We are a happy school located in the hills behind Mullumbimby on the far north coast. Our days are filled with fun, laughter and learning. The community is diverse and our setting high on a ridge provides us with a sense of remote calm.

Why is Gonski important to us? The equity loadings provide support for our students with diverse language backgrounds - the funding allows us to employ a language tutor to help break down learning activities.


Small schools committee members

Michael Woods  Meadow Flat PS

Danny Spillane Kentucky PS
Jennifer Lawlor Brungle PS
Michael Collins Warialda PS
Wil Constable Wilsons Creek PS


Next meeting


The next meeting of the Small Schools Committee will be held at 23-33 Mary Street, Surry Hills on June 11-12. If you have any matters you would like discussed, please contact a Member of the Committee.


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